About us

Fairstart Foundation works to create local systems of quality childcare. Thus, we find and invite local government representatives, local NGO’s and professionals to join in cooperation with us in reaching our vision. We combine the knowledge of a global network of respected researchers, who have donated their knowledge about children without parents. We seek to raise funds to ensure that countries and regions without many resources can have the opportunity to improve the lives of children without parental care. Here is one of our partners – Randolph Oudemans from our Indonesian partner organization REACT Indonesia
Fairstart Foundation is the first Danish organization to use edX for our new Certified Instructor Education. EdX is a well-established platform for online education designed by MIT, Harvard and Google and is used at universities all over the world. Fairstart cooperates with the IT company Edlab from Aarhus University in creating this advanced education. The unique combination of Fairstart’s professional knowledge in childcare and Edlab’s in-depth knowledge on learning strategies and technical competences, the education offers a professional tool for creating local competences and skills in any country.
The Certified Instructor Education matches level 5 in the European Qualifications Framework.

Wyatt Morris,