How to Select a Good Diamond Shop?

If you live in an urban area, you will likely find a good number of diamond shops in your locality. This makes things considerably harder for customers because they find it hard to decide which one to choose or prioritize.  While this may superficially seem quite hard, all you need is a little exploration and observation. That will help you easily distinguish a good diamond shop from a bad one.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Diamond Shop

While many factors would pop up when one brainstorms for them, these discussed below lie at the core of all of them. Therefore, they must be considered:

Check if They Sell Graded & Certified Diamonds

There are a lot of grading standards for diamonds in the market. Before you go into a shop, you can look up their website to find out if the diamonds they sell are graded or certified, and if they do, which lab are they certified by. There are a lot of institutes like GIA that grades diamonds well. If they are not graded, however, it would be in your best interest to cancel out that shop.

Choose a Shop Trusted by the Community

All shops exist within communities, and the people surrounding those shops are well aware of them. If you consult those people, some may have a good thing to say about any one of those shops, while others will have only a bad name. This is probably the most feasible indicator for you, and if you select a diamond shop that has a good name, you are more likely to be benefited from it.

Observe the Quality of Their Customer Service

Once you move into a shop, you will have to look at their customer service. Shops that are generally good will have outstanding customer service, to the point you will have no complaint from them. That’s because shops that do not value their customers surely do not value the products they are buying, and that may be a primary factor when you when choosing the right diamond shop.

Check Their Ratings and Reviews on Google

Almost all diamond shops would be on Google maps, and on that application, you can rate and share your experience (i.e., review) with the other potential buyers. Therefore, any shop that has higher ratings with a greater number of reviews is more likely to be good. For example, prefer a shop that has a rating of 4.5 but 1000s of reviews over a shop that has a 5.0 rating but only 2 reviews. The downside of this method is that you may come across a lot of fake reviews, so it’s a double-edged sword.

Prefer a Shop that Offers You Any Form of Guarantee

Don’t select a diamond shop that doesn’t offer you any form of guarantee, or you do not feel secure and satisfied by the guarantee they provide you with. Buying a diamond is an expensive task, and you have the right to be satisfied while you are buying it.


If you deeply consider these factors and actualize them in your exploration for the best diamond shop, you will be quite likely to find one. However, keep note that while this may be an easy task, it has the potential to be quite lengthy and tiring. Therefore, a little bit of patience would be for your good.